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Security and Privacy FAQ's

Q. Do you share our personal details with other companies?

A. No. We do not pass your details on to anyone.

Q. Is your site secure?

A. Yes. All communications between your computer and our server when viewing any of your account pages are protected by an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection. Our site's SSL connection is protected by Thawte SSL123. When logging in and while using account or checkout pages, you will notice that the web address always starts with HTTPS.

Please note: Our website does not take your card payment. We do not store any card details on our server.  Payment is made through an SSL connection between you and either Paypal or Realex (HSBC).  Both payment systems are compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Under present UK laws we do not need to hold an SSL certificate as we do not take card payments through our own server. However, we have one to give our customers peace of mind.

Q. Do you share our contact details with other companies?

A. With the exception of your address and phone number given to our courier for delivery purposes, we do not pass your information on to any other third parties.