Jam and Preserves

In our jam and preserves category you will find all the accessories necessary for making home made jams, preserves, chutney, pickles, coulis and cordials. We have round and hexagonal jam jars in many sizes, preserving jars from 35cl to 3 litre size, stoppered glass bottles and flasks.  We keep spare lids, screw tops, sealing rings and wax discs for your jam jars and spare sealing lids for your kilner jars. If you are making jelly you will need a jelly straining bag or muslin strainer, we even have a little jelly bag stand and jam jar tongs to make life easier. A funnel will help you safely pour your hot jam into jars and finally a pretty label and jam pot cover. Maslin pans and jam thermometers are in found in their own categories. 

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