Products FAQ's

Q. I want to know what an item is going to cost for delivery!

A. Put the item it the basket (Go on give it a try - you will not be forced to buy it), you will be automatically transfered to our "Shopping Basket" page. Enter your full post code and press submit. An estimator box will show all available delivery options and prices.

Q. How do I speak to an someone about a product?

A. As this is a generic question shown on every product page, it is not as simple as placing a standard phone number on our product pages. Please see our contact us page where we list direct line phone numbers to appropriate departments.

Q. My computer can't open an attachment on a product page!

A. If we feel that the item requires further information, we usually upload a PDF document for our customers to view or print for personal use. If your computer does not recognise the file, you will not have the necessary software installed.Please click on the link below to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Get Adobe Reader