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Maitland Walter Partridge - Young and Old, Tractor Demonstration, Current Store

Independent hardware shops are becoming rare as they fight to compete with out of town multiples. Partridges is different, it has expanded dramatically since the 1980s and continues to go from strength to strength.

M W Partridge & Co Ltd

Our History

Deeds to our property confirm that there has been an ironmongery business here since 1823. An Ironmonger and Iron founder Thomas Pritty acquired the brininess in 1823 from one Charles Pretty (possibly Pritty). Thomas ran the business until 1861 when he sold it to John Graham. After the death of John Graham in 1883, the business was left to his business partner Richard Crush Joslin. Sixteen years later in 1899, the business was leased to Henry Robert Taylor for 21 years at a price of £80 per annum. Richard died in 1900 leaving the business to his wife and brother. Eight years later, Henry Taylor bought the freehold and ran the business until 1929. The company was then sold to Maitland Walter Partridge and Daniel Partridge of Kersey. The partnership did not last long and dissolved in 1934. At this point, Maitland and his sister Edith registered the name M W PARTRIDGE & CO. In 1949 we became a limited company. Maitland died in 1969 and left the business to the company directors.  Our current owner Keith Young of Cosford Properties acquired the company in 1984 from the three remaining directors, Frederick Thorpe, Frank Goymour and Leslie Pearson. Although the official trade name of our company is M W Partridge & Co Ltd, we are known locally as Partridges of Hadleigh.

We are open from 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Saturday.

Well worth a visit just to see a shop running in the old traditional way - it is often referred to as an Aladdin´s cave!

Hadleigh still has free parking.

Key to main picture:

1. A younger Maitland Walter Partridge sometime after purchasing the business from Henry Taylor. 2. Maitland in later years. 3. George Nichols (a long term employee) demonstrating a tractor. 4. The High Street End of our store in recent times

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