Stock Enquiries FAQ's

Q. Do you have all your stock on the web site?

A. No. Most brands are represented but we have many more stock lines available in store. We aim to represent at least 10,000 products out of the 40,000 plus in our store. There are of course some items; dangerous goods, aerosols etc. that won't be added to our web site due to delivery issues. Please phone or email us with your inquiry.

Q. Do you price match?

A. Yes if it is possible. However, you must give details of where you found the cheaper price and the product must be available. Rememer to take postage charges into account when deciding upon who is actually cheaper.

Q. Do you give quantity discounts?

A. Yes, please phone or email us and we will quote you.

Q. Does your shop stock all the items available online?

A. Yes

Q. When I ordered a pacific colour, I received a product in a different colour, Why was that?

A. Some products are supplied to us in packs of mixed colours but all carry the same product bar code / part number. Sometimes, even we don't actually know what colours are are going be available on future orders. I.E. There are three colours available for a particular brush & dustpan set; we order 1 box of 5; we may receive a box containing 2 of one colour and 3 of another.

We also supply the same stock to our retail store which gives the possibility that the last of a pacific colour may have been purchased there.

Q. Do you sell spare parts?

A. Yes for some of our stock items. Please phone or email with your inquiry.

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