Communication FAQ's

Q. Why didn't I receive a welcome to Partridges Hadleigh or order status email?

A. There is a possibility of two answers for this...

  1. There is a very strong chance that you did receive our emails but they have been directed to your "Spam" folder by mistake. We have narrowed down this problem to those customers using Hotmail email accounts. If you are one of the unlucky few that has been delt this problem, please add us to your email address book or at least find our email and change its status to: "This Is Not Spam".
  2. You have not spelt your email address correctly during the 'sign-up' stage. The problem will only become apparent when you log-out then try to log back on using your correctly spelt email address. We have the ability to update your email address if you let us know about the problem.

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