Defender Signal Blocker Wallet

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The Sure Defence for Contactless Cards, Keyless Vehicles and Distracted Driving

The global use of signal operated systems such as contactless cards and keyless vehicles have led to the eruption of tech-savvy criminals. Due to criminal manipulation of signals, private information and possessions are more vulnerable than ever to theft. However, the Signal Blocker with specialist RPF™ material blocks all signals from the objects placed inside the pouch thus guaranteeing protection


  • Police Preferred Specification
  • Fits all fobs, smart cards and phones
  • Blocks all signals from cards, fobs and phones
  • Expertly tested to a 99% success rate
  • Blocks GPS tracking
  • Double stitched reinforced seams
  • Spare pouch
  • Size: 190 mm x 115 mm

The Defender Signal Blocker uses RPF™ to prevent a phone from receiving any calls or alerts, leaving a driver free to fully focus on the road ahead; no notifications, no distractions The pouch also provides a physical barrier between a driver and thew phone as well as protecting against scratches or cracks If a phone as kept an the

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  • 10 Units in Stock

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Date First Available: Wednesday 31 October, 2018.

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