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Small Item Wash Bags protect small items of clothing during washing and spinning. Prevents damage to other laundry and the washing machine by bra clips, curtain rings etc. Keep your delicates safe with the Brabantia Wash Bags.

The mesh material of these bags is sturdy and quick-drying, perfect for protecting fine garments and small items of clothing during washing, rinsing or spinning. They also help prevent items like tights and long socks getting tangled and mixed up during the spin cycle.
As well as protecting the garments in the bag, these help to protect and prevent damage to other laundry in the washing machine, which can sometimes be caused by bra wires or clips, or curtain rings.
Each bag features an easy to use and secure zipper closure, which has a special cover to protect other laundry. The zippers are also colour coded, so you can remember what type of laundry to use each bag for. Unlike drawstring closure bags, the zippers prevent clothes being squashed when fastened.
Set contains two small bags (measuring W25 x H33cm) and one large bag (measuring W45 x H33cm).

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Date First Available: Friday 15 May, 2015.

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Retail Price: £7.50
You save: 21%
Our Price: £5.90

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