Aladdin Series 15 & 8 Blue Flame Heater Wick - Pre 1956 (P159905)

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    Blue Flame Heater Wick

    Suitable for use:

    • Series 15 and 8 Aladdin Heaters only (Old Pattern - up to 1956)


    • Part no. P.15990
    • Original part no. H.210
    • Internal diameter: 75mm / 3in approx
    • External diameter: 85mm / 3 1/4in approx

    The heater image is for identification purposes only.

    Series 15 & 8 Blue Flame Heater

    EAN: 5020548159058

    Product Documents

    Aladdin Wick Identification Chart Aladdin Wick Identification Chart
    Aladdin Blue Flame (Series 15) Up To 1966 Parts List Aladdin Blue Flame (Series 15) Up To 1966 Parts List

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    Additional Information


    1. Take out flame spreader (perforated cap in centre of burner) and remove the burner basket by turning anti-clockwise. Raise the old wick to its fullest extent.
    2. Detach the two wick carriers arms from the brass studs on the wick by springing them outwards and pulling one towards you and pushing the other away from you. (The burner is now ready for new wick to be fitted).
      Keep carrier and throw old wick away.
    3. REPLACE THE FLAME SPREADER and fit new wick over the inner wick tube being careful not to damage the burning surface of the wick.
    4. MAKE SURE THAT BOTH TAILS REACH THE BOTTOM OF THE TANK; this necessitates pushing ONE of the tails INSIDE the stirrup-like carrier. Failure to do this will cause that side of the wick to be starved resulting in poor flame and very uneven burning of the wick.
    5. Pull tails of wick evenly so that wick carrier rack engages with wick winder mechanism inside large tube.
    6. Engage the wick carrier arms with the brass studs on the wick.
    7. Turn down wick as far as possible.
    8. Tear paper tabs from wick. Replace burner in tank.
    9. Lower wick and replace the burner basket.
    10. Fill container with paraffin and allow the new wick to soak for at least one hour before lighting.

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    Date First Available: Wednesday 01 June, 2011.

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