STV Big Cheese Rat Trap Cage (STV075)


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  • Manufactured by: STV


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Rat trap cage - Heavy duty live catch animal trap.

Fully assembled and ready to use, the Rat Cage Trap is effective against rats and similar sized nuisance animals. Set up is simple, with a fast-action sprung trap door, protective hand plate and carrier handle for secure transportation.

Treadle activated

Simple, fail-safe setting ,mechanism for easy set-up and operation.

Spring Lock Door

Secure mechanism on door to secure safe transportation when required.

Solid Lid

Ensures safe handling and, when required, live release of captured animals.

Heavy Duty

Galvanized mesh and machine finish for durability without hazardous sharp edges.

The Rat Cage Trap is suitable for use in indoor and outdoor areas, including within homes, on farms, or in commercial premises. It is a safe product to use in areas where pets and wildlife are present which may come into contact with traps.
For best results position Rat Cage Traps along walls and runways where rats are active. For severe infestations use several traps set 4-5 metres apart.

  • Professional strength.

Directions For Use

  • Use indoors or outside the home, farm or commercial premises.
  • Position the cage trap wherever evidence of rats or other nuisance animals is seen.
  • Always wear gloves when handling traps. This prevents contact with potential contaminants. It also helps prevent the transfer of human odours onto the trap.
  • To set, push in thumb plate on door and lift open using handle at bottom.
  • Carefully position setting arm hook into loop on door using setting arm handle on top of cage.
  • Once the trap is properly set the setting arm will be in a perpendicular position and bottom of it will rest adjacent to the treadle.
  • Reach into the cage trap and place bait on the bait well at the centre of the treadle- see bait recommendation below.
  • Captured animals can be safely transported by lifting the cage using the carrier handle.

Product Details

  • Our Code: 5036200120755
  • 4 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: STV

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Date First Available: Friday 20 July, 2018.

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