Firex 230V Powered Ionisation Smoke Alarm (KF10)

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    230V mains powered Ionisation Smoke Alarm

    • 9V alkaline battery back-up
    • Alarm memory

    New and Improved Features

    • Alarm Memory - identifies source unit within interconnecting network
    • Reduced energy Consumption - lower lifetime running costs
    • Power: 230V AC (50Hz) with 9V battery back-up
    • Power Indicator: Constant Green LED-AC Power, Intermittent Red LED-Dual Power Supply Verification
    • Interconnectable: Up to 24 units


    This model can be interconnected with Firex 230V Smoke and Heat alarms and to specified Kidd alarms, as explained in the user guide.

    Standard Alarm Features

    • Hush feature allows unwanted alarms to be temporarily silenced
    • 85 decibel alarm (at 3m distance)
    • Multi-function Green and Red LED's indicate power and alarm status
    • Back-up power provided by 9V alkaline battery
    • Tamper-resist locking device helps prevent unauthorized alarm removal
    • Lock-out feature prevents alarm attachment unless 9V battery is inserted

    Leading authorities recommend that both ionisation and optical smoke alarms are installed to help insure maximum detection of the various types of fire that can occur within the home. Ionisation sensing alarms may detect invisible fire particles (associated with fast flaming fires) sooner than optical alarms. Optical sensing alarms may detect visible fire particles (associated with slow smouldering fires) sooner than ionisation alarms

    This alarm is hard wired and for installation by a qualified electrician.

    Operating Temp Range: 0° C to 40° C Humidity Range: Up to 93%RH (non-condensing) Storage and Transport Conditions: -20° C to +60° C, 5-95%Rh (non-condensing)

    This alarm is not designed to be interconnected with other manufacturer's products, unless otherwise specified.

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    Date First Available: Friday 09 August, 2019.

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    Retail Price: £20.00
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