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Gloss Coating - laminate protective coating gloss finish. For gloss protection of the top layer against wear, scratches and other damage. Masks faded patches and existing damage.

HG laminate protective coating gloss finish (gloss coating) (HG product 70)

HG "laminate protective coating gloss finish" (gloss coating) is a liquid polymer emulsion that is very easy to apply and which leaves a glossy, wafer-thin but extremely strong protective film once it has dried. This protects the top layer of the laminate against wear, scratches and other damage. This product also masks faded patches and existing damage, and has an anti-slip effect.


  1. The laminate, also new laminate, must be completely clean and free of grease and dust. Remove any existing wax and polymer coatings. For the required treatments: see the HG laminate floor treating matrix on the side of this bottle.
  2. To ensure even distribution it is best to use a wax applicator (see neck label on the front of this bottle). It is also possible to use a lint-free, clean tea cloth wrapped around a squeegee.
  3. Pour a small amount of the liquid undiluted over the floor and spread it thinly and evenly in a single direction without pressing down on the wax applicator or squeegee. Do not turn or polish!
  4. Once the product has dried (after about 60 minutes), a second layer can be applied crosswise onto the first layer.
  5. The floor can be walked on normally about 1 or 2 hours after the final treatment and has completely hardened after 3 days.


For daily cleaning/dusting: HG "laminate spray for daily use" (HG product 71).

For regular mopping: HG "laminate gloss cleaner" (wash & shine) (HG product 73). See also the HG laminate floor treating matrix on the side of this bottle.

Coverage: ± 60 m2 per litre per coating.


This product should be used only on laminate floors with completely glued seams.

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