Dudley Turbo 88 Oval Cistern Syphon, 9 inch

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Pre-set to Duoflush for water-saving full & reduced flushing

  • Serviced in under 5 minutes without turning off water or dismantling the cistern
  • Internal overflow warning pipe
  • 6/7/9 litre convertible — ideal for use in most cisterns
  • DUDLEY quality and reliability

Proven Water-Saver: In major independent trials, the Turbo 88 was proven to be the most effective water saving WC device.

Water Technology List Registered: Businesses can write off expenditure on the Turbo 88 against tax.

Enhanced with water-saving Duoflush, the 2-part Turbo 88 is better than ever. This unique syphon can still be serviced in under five minutes without disconnecting the water supply and dismantling the cistern. It still provides full flushing with the efficiency and reliability that has made it a favourite among installers. However, when the lever is depressed and held down, the Turbo 88 Duoflush delivers a water-saving reduced flush. It cannot leak and provides a true water waste preventer.

This Turbo 88 syphon is supplied in Duoflush mode but can be simply converted to single flush.

Installers: If fitting this Turbo 88 in a domestic wc, please pass the leaflet to the householder.

Householders: A free water-saving certificate for your HIP Pack can be downloaded from www.thomasdudley.co.uk

The unique design of the Turbo 88 enables the blue body section to be removed from the cistern without turning off the water supply. The syphon can then be simply serviced in minutes.

IMPORTANT: Before fitting this new Turbo 88 Duoflush, check that it will fit into the cistern and is the correct height.

INTERNAL OVERFLOW: Internal overflow is provided if the syphon ‘spillover’ is below the external overflow and at least 20mm above the marked water level of the cistern.

*proven Water-Saver: The Turbo 88 is a proven water-saver. In South West Water’s Water Efficiency Trial it was the most effective WC device and reduced total household consumption by around 10%.

6/7/9 Litre Convertible (6L flushing should only be used with WC pans specifically designed for a 6L volume). 6L Nominal Flush (cistern aid WC pan installed from 1 Jan 2001): Remove upper White plug only (see diagram) 7L Nominal Flush (cistern and WC pan installed after 1 Jan 1993): Remove lower white plug only (see diagram) 91 Nominal flush CVC pan installed before 1 Jan 1993): Leave both white plugs in position (see diagram) For non Dudley cisterns the above should be used as a guide only.

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Product Details

  • Our Code: 5013241681827
  • Product Weight: 0.32Kgs
  • 1 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Dudley

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Date First Available: Wednesday 01 June, 2011.

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