Aquadial Combi-Care Compact Scale Inhibitor Refill

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Aquadial Combi-Care Compact Scale Inhibitor Refill

  • Fits 15 & 22mm Aquadial Combi-Care Compact Scale Inhibitors

Unless hard water in your heating system is treated, it scales up the boiler heat exchanger, pipe work and emersion heating elements. The consequence is that water channels are narrowed, energy is lost and storage tanks lose their capacity to hold and store hot water efficiently.

With modern Combination and Condensing Boilers and Thermo stores, the lime-scale build up can dramatically shorten the service life of the heating system, using more energy than necessary to heat the home and hot water.

A popular and effective method of treating water before it is heated in instantaneous water heating units like combination boilers. The Aquadial Combi-Care works by introducing a very small amount of food grade polyphosphate into the water feed, sequestering the calcium in the water and preventing it from forming scale on the heat exchanger.

  • Offers protection from both limescale and corrosion
  • Suitable for whole house and single appliance protection
  • Flow rates up t0 54 litres per minute
  • Easy change cartridge
  • Cartridges have a 12 month life - tying into annual service contracts
  • Can be used in soft water areas as a corrosion inhibitor
  • Models to suit 15 and 22mm pipe sizes
  • Part No. AC002400

Please note: These units will be affected by hot water transfer back down the system, therefore, they should be sited as far away from the boiler as possible (minimum 1m). Do not install where ambient temperature is likely to exceed 40°C

Please Note: This filter has a natural rattle . It does not indicate that it has broken in transit.

Category: Scale Inhibitors, Refills

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Aquadial Combi-Care Compact Scale Inhibitor Instructions Aquadial Combi-Care Compact Scale Inhibitor Instructions
Aquadial Combi-Care Compact Scale Inhibitor Flyer Aquadial Combi-Care Compact Scale Inhibitor Flyer

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Date First Available: Wednesday 01 June, 2011.

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