Kuhn Rikon 30333 Duromatic 12 Litre Hotel Pressure Cooker

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    Suitable for InductionSuitable for HalogenSuitable for CeramicSuitable for Solid PlateSuitable for Radiant RingSuitable for Gas

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    Part of the Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cookers range. The 12 litre 30333 Duromatic Hotel is a first class pressure cooker; Not only does food retain its full flavour and colour but its vitamin content is preserved too. Time and energy saving of up to 60%.  For all types of hob including induction hobs.

    • 28cm Diameter
    • Stay cool plastic fittings (for safe handling)
    • Capacity marks (on the inside: one-half and two-thirds fill levels)
    • Fully automatic lid locking system (prevents opening under pressure)
    • Flavour valve (preserves natural flavours and food colours)
    • Accoustic and visual pressure indicator (for easy control)
    • Multiple over-pressure safety devices (for your safety)
    • Superthermic sandwich base (for rapid and even heat absorbtion on all heat sources including halogen and induction)
    • Rust-free stainless steel (guarantees durability and long life)
    • Products that are very easy to service and care for.


    • Internal (Pan Only): 197mm High x 280mm Diameter
    • Outside (Pan and Lid): 292mm High x 314mm Diameter (403mm Inc Handles)


    • Kuhn Rikon guarantees its cookware for ten years against faulty materials and poor workmanship. Titanium coating 3 years (proof of purchase required). Excludes wearing parts such as fittings and rubber seals ect. This warranty does not include damage due to overheating soiling scratches and discolouration.


    • EAN: 7610154303334
    • Model: 30333

    Category: Pressure Cookers

    Additional Information

    Guide To Operating Pressures
    Cooking Stage Pressure Visual Indication Type of Cooking
    0.4bar / 5.8psi Stage 1: 0.4bar/58PSI (Low cooking ressure)

    Low cooking pressure

    It generally takes (depending on water volume) about 5-7 minutes on high hob temperature to reach stage 1. If stage 1 is to be maintained, reduce heat to a bare minimum straight away. Only boost temperature if upper red line falls below steam shield.

    0.8bar / 11.6psi Stage 2: 0.8bar/11.6psi (Rapid cooking pressure)

    Rapid cooking pressure

    If stage 2 is to be maintained, reduce heat to a low hob temperature straight away. Only boost temperature if lower red line falls below steam shield.

    1.2bar / 17.4psi Maximum: 1.2bar/17.4psi (Indicated by hissing sound and escape of steam. Reduce heat to maintain stage 2 cooking pressure)

    Indicated by hissing sound and escape of steam. Reduce heat to maintain stage 2 cooking pressure

    Remove pressure cooker from hob if necessary.

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    Date First Available: Wednesday 01 June, 2011.

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    Retail Price: £339.95
    You save: 38%
    Our Price: £210.00

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