Autoglym Convertible Soft Top Cleaning and Protect Kit


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Convertible Soft Top Cleaning and Protect Complete Kit - Everything you need to clean and protect fabric convertible soft top hoods

Kit contains:

1 x 500ml Soft Top Cleaner

Regularly cleaning your soft top with Soft Top Cleaner will keep green algae at bay and its original colour looking vibrant. This clever bioactive formula gently breaks down dirt and mould ready for Soft Top Protector. Suitable for mohair, double duck, fabric and canvas.

1 x 500ml Fabric Hood Protector

Protected soft tops repel rain water and dry faster, minimising the risk of algae growth. Soft Top Protector acts as an extra barrier Keeping the surface clean for longer. Apply after using Soft Top Cleaner Suitable for mohair, double duck, fabric and canvas.

1 x Application Sponge

How to use Soft Top Cleaner:

  1. Working out of direct sunlight. brush and vacuum the hood to remove any lose dirt.
  2. Mask off bodywork area and dampen the roof with water. Shake Soft Top Cleaner well. Test on a small inconspicuous area for colourfastness.
  3. Spray Soft Top Cleaner onto the hood. using approximately half of the bottle contents. Remove unwanted overspray from windows and paintwork.
  4. Agitate the hood using the dampened white sponge provided, concentrating on any stains or green algae. If your hood is very dirty, cover with a plastic sheet and allow the cleaner to continue working overnight.
  5. let the foam penetrate the fabric before rinsing thoroughly with a low pressure hose or a watering can. Continue rinsing until all foam has disappeared. Agitate hood with a sponge to draw out any excess cleaner.
  6. Now move on to apply Soft Top Protector, reading the instructions carefully.

How to use Soft Top Protector:

  1. Clean roof with Soft Top Cleaner and leave damp.
  2. Working out of direct sunlight, apply in a sweeping motion, using approximately half of the bottle contents. Ensure the roof is evenly coated.
  3. Remove any overspray from glass and paintwork immediately
  4. Allow the protector to fully dry before driving. Store product at room temperature and do not allow to freeze .

Product Details

  • Our Code: 5016366255003
  • Product Weight: 1.25Kgs
  • 0 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Autoglym

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Date First Available: Wednesday 01 June, 2011.

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