Easy Plumb White Universal Replacement Radiator Valve Caps (Pk of 3)

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This pack contains all that you need to replace broken or missing radiator valve caps. They are designed to fit most 1/2 inch (15 mm) radiator valves and are simple to apply just with a screwdriver.


The patented Cap incorporates a mechanism which grips the valve spindle whether square rectangular knurled or splined. The Cap incorporates a spacer sleeve which being tapered is designed to fit snugly over the valve body so that the assembly is vertically secure.

  • Pack of 3 identical valve caps


One of the two radiators valves is usually individually set to “balance” the heating circuit. If fitting a Replacement Cap to the valve which is NOT used to turn the radiator on or off ensure that the spindle rotation position is left as originally set; it might otherwise upset the “balance”.

Category: Radiator Bleed Valves

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The Cap incorporates a spacer sleeve which, being tapered is designed to fit snugly over the valve body so that the assembly is vertically secure.

  1. Clean the valve spindle A, and make sure it is free of any grease. The Cap B, must not be used to loosen a seized spindle. Use a spanner or wrench to ensure that the spindle rotates freely.
  2. Place the Spacer Sleeve C, on the valve body D. It will centralise and self-locate depending on the valve body diameter, (In the unlikely event that the valve body is too large to accommodate the Spacer Sleeve, it can be discarded).
  3. Place the Cap B, on the valve so that the "shucks jaws" E, fit on the spindle and the lower part of the cap slides over and down onto the Spacer Sleeve C.
  4. Clockwise tighten the self-tapping screw F, until the chuck jaws E, firmly grip the valve spindle.

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  • Our Code: 5391269645558
  • 0 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Easy Plumb

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Date First Available: Wednesday 01 June, 2011.

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