Judge Harlequin Vanilla Stove Top Kettle (JD85)

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    Enamelled Stove Kettle Vanilla,

    • 1.5 Litre - 19.5cm base - 25cm overall height.
    • 1.2mm Steel
    • All round pouring lip
    • Handles in a Black Phenolic finish
    • Suitable for all hobs
    • Ideal for induction hobs

    Category: Stove Kettles

    Additional Information

    Remove any labels and wash the kettle in hot water before first use. Refill with fresh water, boil and discard.

    • The base of the kettle must always be covered by water when heating - never heat an empty kettle.
    • Always try to match the hob hotplate size to the kettle base size (unless using an Aga or Rayburn).
    • Do not overfill. The water level must never be allowed to cover the TOP hole of the four 'spout' holes inside the kettle.
    • Ensure the lid is firmly in position, and the lid steam vent is pointing toward the spout.
    • Do not leave the kettle simmering for long periods - the base and enamel coating may be damaged if it boils dry.
    • Avoid banging the kettle on the hob - repeated knocks may damage the enamel.
    • Do not leave water in the kettle when it is not in use, as this can lead to build-up of limescale which reduces efficiency.


    • Do not use the Simmering Plate - always use the Fast Plate.
    • If the stove Plate Cover has been left open, closing it to restore heat build-up will speed the boiling time.

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    Date First Available: Tuesday 18 October, 2011.

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    Retail Price: £50.00
    You save: 45%
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