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Tableau Leather Cream 200ml

  • Tableau


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Leather Cream.  As a natural material Leather needs to be cleansed and nourished in order for it to look its best. This product actually feeds your leather and so ideally should be a regular part of your leather cleaning and leather care regime for your furniture, leather sofas and upholstery.

  • Only use cleaning products that are formulated for use on the type of leather that you have.
  • On some leathers, the surface can break down with wear and even mild cleaning chemicals can then affect the colour and finish. Therefore test the cleaning product on an inconspicuous area first and then retest on the most worn area.
  • The products formula contains natural lanolin and waxes which feed, protect and preserve all leather finishes, leaving a superb soft lustre finish.
  • To use the product, simply apply it with a soft cloth then buff off.
  • Please remember it's not suitable for suede leather and similar finishes.
  • Our Code: 5021843250471
  • Product Weight: 0.23Kgs
  • Manufactured by: Tableau

Date First Available: Monday 12 March, 2012.


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