Aquasense 12mm X 1.5m (5ft) Chrome Plate Shower Hose


A very sturdy wide bore shower hose at a good price. Will help when you have low pressure. This replaced a 11mm wide bore shower hose and though only 1mm wider in diameter (12mm) I have been able to tell the difference. However you do need an appropriate shower head that does not restrict water flow (i.e. 12mm or bigger internal bore) otherwise the shower head will be the limiting factor.

Only downsides are:-

1. The shower hose end is not as tapered as some so didn't fit as well in the riser rail holder as my pervious hose.
2. When fully tightened the hose still leaked slightly at both ends so I had to use an extra washer in both ends of the hose to stop this.

Overall I am very pleased with the quality and water flow of this shower hose and would certainly recommend it if you have low water pressure. Will be buying another soon as a spare.
Date Added: 31/01/2014 by John W.

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