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Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Advance Rotary Dryer 50M (100222)

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I was impressed when I received the rotary dryer as it was of substantial quality and the plastic base pole holder was installed as per instructions in a concrete base. There are two problems with the dryer for me. I wanted to keep the dryer pole in the plastic base (without fixing the pole permanently in the ground) so I could just put it in the shed out of the way whenever necessary. The trouble is that when I want to erect the dryer it shoots out of the holder. The biggest problem is that I like to put the cover back on the dryer at the end of each use but it's so difficult to push the button to collapse the dryer that I don't usually have the strength to do it. I live on my own and so don't have a strong male living here to do it for me. Having said that, when I have had the opportunity to ask someone to do it for me, the men often haven't been able to do it either and they're big strong guys. It's really annoying because one of the attractions of the dryer was the ability to cover it up and put it away so that it could always be kept clean. You have to be strong to tighten the tension of the lines too. Apart from these major problems, the dryer holds loads of clothes and they dry quickly. It's just not as simple to raise or lower as the video portrays.
Date Added: 25/10/2015 by Paula D.