Ideal Standard Doughnut Washer


May seem strange but I didn't actually buy this product from Partridges. I actually brought a similar item from a local plumbers merchant the cost was £6, wish i'd looked here first!
My point is that i'm a diy plumber and it's worth noting that all doughnut washers are not a standard size. My cistern is made by Ideal Standard and the washer/seals fitted to mine were much larger in diameter than the standard. As listed here internal dia 3.5" (76mm) outside dia 4.5" (113mm, thickness approx 17mm. Also worth putting some silicon sealant around the washer before fitting to ensure a good seal and any other rubber washer you're fitting to the cistern. I was changing the syphonic valve during this job.
Hope this helps
Date Added: 28/12/2011 by Melvin L.

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